Welcome to our Place, where we like to live on "Key West Time", meet and

 establish friendships, and pay it forward by lending a helping hand

 when needed in our community!

Upcoming Coconut Castaways Events


Coconut Castaways of Southwest Florida, Inc. is an official "friend" club of Howard Livingston 

and the Mile Marker 24 Band, based out of the beautiful Florida Keys.  We gather, usually 

monthly at - what we call  "Jump Ups"....at one of our favorite establishments to have fun, enjoy

some "TropRock"music and raise funds for Camp Boggy Creek.  We meet at House Concerts, 

and different venues from Tampa to Naples.

We are based out of the West Coast of Florida -meeting at spots from Tampa to NaplesOur annual Fundraiser and Fun-Filled Event, "MEET ME IN THE KEYS", which is held in Key West. This event is only open to members of one of the following Clubs: Coconut Castaways of Southwest Florida, Coconut Castaways of Iowa, or Southernmost Coconut Castaways.

The main charity of the Coconut Castaways is Camp Boggy Creek in Eustis, FL. Camp Boggy Creek is a KOA Care Camp, and the only one in Florida.

We are a registered and approved 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations, whether monetary, or in-kind are tax deductible under the law. We raise money for Camp Boggy Creek, through Jump-Up events, yard sales, and selling of Club authorized merchandise (tee-shirts, painted coconuts, and cooler bags).

Our club donation to Camp Boggy Creek in December is doubled by matching funds from KOA Care Camps . 

A special email outlining the details of this promotion will be sent out in November.

Meet Me in the Keys (MMITK) is held annually in June in Key West. Coconut Castaway members meet during this event and help raise money for KOA Care Camps. 

The 2018 event raised $48,500 for KOA Care Camps in the United States and Canada.

The MMITK 2019 event in Key West is in the planning stages, never too soon become a Castaway. Registration opens January 8th, 2019 on Turquoise Anyday. 

If you haven't renewed your 2019 CCofSWFL membership, do so today and be ready for the MMITK 2019 registration.


          OUR MISSION...

We  hold Coconut painting parties, yard sales and "JUMP UPS'  to raise funds for our main charity, Camp Boggy Creek, a KOA Kids Cancer Camp, in Eustis, Florida. We strive to donate as much as possible to Camp Boggy Creek. We do that via memberships, painted coconuts,

merchandise sales, donations, and special 50/50 raffles and opportunity drawings held at our various Club events.

We are in a matching donation program with KOA Care Camps to help Camp Boggy Creek thru the end of 2019. We travel to Camp Boggy Creek in December to present them a "truly Big CHECK". It's a first class place where kids and families coping with serious illnesses can take a break from being sick and just be a kid. Our members make this possible, without You, we wouls not be able to help the Kids. 

Look for special emails throughout the year outlining how you can help The Coconut Castaways of Southwest Florida reach our annual donation goal of $2,500 to Camp Boggy Creek.

....Until the Tide Pulls you back in..                             

 We are a non-profit organization which

provides social activities for its members, while promoting a "pay it forward" mission, providing volunteer service hours, donations of goods related to the Tropical Lifestyleall while having fun. 

Although, we are based out of Port Charlotte ,FL we serve Venice, Englewood, North Port, Punta Gorda,Cape Coral and Naples. We have have members from other parts of Florida and some other states. Please join us if you would like to get in on the fun and make new friends.

Our Board of Directors voted in 2014 to make Camp Boggy Creek, our main charity. It's a camp located in Eustis, Florida. near Mt. Dora. Camp Boggy Creek is a member of KOA KIDS Care Camps across the USA and Canada. Camp Boggy is a facility where chronically ill children are able come and enjoy a week of just being a regular kid regardless of their problems.

Additional funds raised by The Coconut Castaways of Southwest Florida go directly to Camp Boggy Creek. Every dollar we raise is matched by KOA.

Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band support this program with the band's friends and fans at different venues. 

A famous, one-of-a kind, 1952  yellow Johnson outboard motor, brought out at most shows,  helps boost  the fundraising, fun and gootimes for all who attend the shows. Margaritas are concocted in a blender and shared. The first batch of the night,  has brought as much as $10,000.

All monies raised at "Meet Me In the Keys", goes directly to the KOA Kids Care Program.

   "Serving Community Roles With Caribbean Souls"

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